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About Us

Classes are taught by Siobhan Ryan-Lawson T.C.R.G. and the school is registered and competes within An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelachaa.

Lessons start from age 4 and we hold classes for all standards of dancing.

We take part in regular fesieanna (competitions) and are available for displays and performances.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us at:

T: 07904 124 391

E: [email protected]

Our Classes

Novice: From age 4, you'll learn the basics of Irish Dancing, foot positioning, posture, rhythm and begin to learn your dances to music.

Primary: Once you've learnt the basics, we'll begin to build up your repertoire as you begin to enter competitions. We'll begin to start learning heavy shoe rhythms.

Intermediate: You'll begin to learn more advanced dances and techniques including heavy shoe.

Open: Once you've worked your way through the grades at a competition, you'll learn top advanced movements and heavy technique.

Please contact us to discuss which level of class you should attend.

More information can be found on our Southampton, Brighton and Isle of Wight pages.